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The ultimate in flexible education.

  • Learn at home
  • Study online or choose a printed manual*.
  • Interact with your tutor to achieve success*.
  • Improve your CV & learn new skills.

*Most but not all courses.

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Online and Printed Courses

We have online courses and traditional printed distance learning courses for home study including a wide range of vocational, A level and IGCSE courses and a good selection of IT courses.

Most include tutor support and certification on successful completion, and students all ages can enrol. If you can put aside a few hours a week for self- study, you can gain valuable skills for your CV.

Learning at home is convenient and flexible and does not require you to attend any classes at college.

Of course, there are limitations to what you can actually study as most distance learning courses have to be theory only. This is fine if you are already working and need to underpin your practical knowledge. In other cases students may volunteer their services to obtain experience and supervision, but distance and home learning still offers many benefits that make it easier for people to further their education while also holding down a job or leading a busy family life at the same time.

It is never too late to learn!

Benefits of Distance learning:

  • Gain certification to back up practical experience
  • Improve job and career prospects
  • Explore an interest or passion
  • Facilitate a way into self-employment

Getting an education is often the quickest way to increase your earnings potential, and distance learning can offer people the flexibility to study around a full time job.

Corporate orders are welcome, please just email with your order and attach your P/O where possible.

Paper based courses are only available for UK deliveries. Online courses are available for UK and International students. Dismiss