Dog Grooming Level 3


The Distance Learning Dog Grooming course gives you the opportunity to learn in detail about all aspects of grooming dogs.

From the history of humankind’s relationship with dogs and in-depth details of the grooming process, to helpful advice on how to set up and run your own dog grooming business.



Dog Grooming Course at Level 3

  • Course code: ANC01
  • Delivery method: Online or Paper
  • Course duration: 12 Months
  • Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed
  • Award achieved: Certificate of Achievement by ABC
  • Awarding body: ABC

The Diploma in Dog Grooming is designed to develop a range of valuable skills such as:

  • understanding the relationship between humans and dogs and the long history of this relationship
  • an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of different breeds of dog and the ability to adapt grooming techniques to suit each breed
  • understanding that each dog has a unique personality, and how to adapt accordingly so grooming is efficient and hassle-free
  • the ability to groom dogs as quickly as possible whilst showing maximum attention to detail
  • the business skills necessary to help in the setting up of a dog grooming service
Course Content

Lesson 1

  • Man’s History with Dogs – The History of Dog Grooming – The Dog Grooming Profession

Lesson 2

  • Dog Breeds – Breed Recognition – Dog Anatomy and Physiology – Dog Diseases – First Aid
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 3

  • Types of Coat – Smooth Coat Breeds – Short Coat Breeds – Double Coat Breeds – Long and Silky Coat Breeds – Harsh  and Wiry Coat Breeds – Curly and Woolly Breeds – Corded Coated Breeds
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 4

  • Types of Coat – Short Coat Breeds – Long Coat Breeds – Designer Breeds
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 5

  • Equipment Required – Grooming Tools – Clippers – Blades – Shears – Scissors – Equipment Maintenance – Uniforms and Protective Clothing – Protective Equipment – Products Required – Price Lists – Suppliers Information and Contact Details
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 6

  • Safety Measures – Dog Psychology – Dog Control – Pre-Bath – Bath – Post Bath
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 7

  • Grooming – Dealing with Double Coats – Professional Grooming Shortcuts – Working with Puppies – Working with the Senior Dog
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 8

  • Terriers – Terrier Trims – Head Details – Body Details – Hand Stripping – Terrier Breeds – Airedale Terrier – Australian Terrier – Bedlington Terrier – Cairn Terrier – Dandie Dinmont Terrier – Irish Terrier – Kerry Blue Terrier – Lakeland Terrier – Norfolk Terrier – Norwich Terrier – Schnauzer – Scottish Terrier – Sealyham Terrier – Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier – Welsh Terrier – West Highland White Terrier – Wire Fox Terrier – Yorkshire Terrier – Breed Grooming Comparisons
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 9

  • Spaniel Breeds – Spaniel Breed Trims – American Cocker Spaniel – American Water Spaniel – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – English Cocker Spaniel – English Springer Spaniel – English Toy Spaniel – Irish Water Spaniel – Welsh Springer Spaniel – Poodle Types – Poodle Breed Trims – Minature Poodle – Standard Poodle – Toy Poodle
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 10

  • Setter Breeds – Setter Trims – English Setter – Gordon Setter – Irish Red Setter – Irish Red Setter – Other Breeds – Bichon Frise – Old English Sheepdog – Portuguese Water Dog – Mixed Breeds and Designer Dogs
  • Further Reading & Research

Lesson 11

  • Drop Coat Breeds – Drop Coat Trims – Coton de Tulear – Havanese – Lhasa Apso – Pomeranian – Shih Tzu – Troubleshooting
  • Test – Further Reading & Research

Lesson 12

  • The Law and You – Health and Safety – First Aid – Setting Up in Business – Accessories – Finances – Choosing Premises – Salon Design – Insurance – Business Plan – Business Profile – Business Portfolio – Conclusion
  • Further Reading & Research.



This DVD Offers comprehensive advice on basic grooming techniques.

  • Ideal for professional, student, or home groomers.
  • Demonstrates work carried out in a real grooming salon.
  • Languages: English and Spanish.
    –    Author: Artero.
    –    Length: 140 minute



Which Dog Breed


Qualification Information

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The course itself has been designed by UK Distance Learning & Publishing to meet specific learners’ and/or employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. ABC Awards’ endorsement involves robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure quality is continually met. A review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

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[1] Regulators for exams and assessments in England and Wales 

Method of Study

The course comes to you as a paper-based pack delivered by courier.

You will be given guidance through the Study Guide on the nuts and bolts of studying and submitting assignments.

Postal assignments cannot be accepted without prior permission from the tutor.


Online Version

Our online courses are fully digitised versions of the paper-courses, so you can study on any PC or smart device when connected to the internet.

As with the paper course, your online learning programme is completely flexible, so you can study at a pace that suits you.

All of our online course content is broken down into bite size chunks to make your learning more manageable and effective.

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